2014 DBC Science Award

Gabrielle Rodgers receiving Science Award from Ms. Garaldine Robinson.     






The very first DBC Educational Foundation Science Award was won by Gabrielle Rodgers, student at the John F. McCloskey Elementary School in Philadelphia, for her research on "The Effect of Salt on Freezing Water."  Gabrielle is shown above receiving her award from Ms. Geraldine Robinson, McCloskey's technology coordinator.

Proving her stated hypothesis, Gabrielle found that salt affects the freezing point of water and concluded "the salt water took a longer time to freeze than the pure water ..."  

The Science Award was the output of a collaboration with Mr. Steve Cohen, Science teacher at McCloskey Elementary School.  

Mr. Cohen administers the yearly contest and by doing so teaches his students the fundamentals of scientific research.

Gabrielle devised a fair, well constructed experiment which compared a salt water test sample to a control  sample of plain water.  She placed both in a freezer and made precise observations regarding the respective time it took for the test sample and the control sample to freeze.

Winning Science Project



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