Board of Directors: Tony Clark





Tony Clark, DirectorTony L. Clark, the elder brother of the late Darrick Bernard Clark, is the Chairman of the Darrick Bernard Clark Foundation.  Like Darrick, he excelled academically despite some of the most challenging environmental factors. After consistently performing at the top of his class throughout his formative educational years, Tony attended Central High School in Philadelphia, one of the leading public high schools in the country.  It was his experience and success at Central that gave him the confidence to pursue electrical engineering at Cornell University, where he earned a Bachelor of Science degree and Masters of Engineering degree, both from the school of Electrical & Computer Engineering.

Tony is an entrepreneur at heart. In 2000, he founded Villa Montage Systems Inc., a pioneer in movie download services, in 2005 co-founded Asteame Medical Devices Inc., and in 2006 founded 2-Dooz, Inc.  Earlier in his career, as Vice President for Corporate Strategic Planning and Alliances for the Bay Networks, Tony directed the company's corporate vision, strategy and goals.

Inspired by Darrick's community passion, Tony's vision is to extend the benefits of technology to the least advantaged segments of society. He intends to apply his educational, professional,and entrepreneurial skills towards the achievement of this mission.

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