From the onset of this journey, we have been inspired by the memory of Darrick Bernard Clark's model community service--exemplified by his enlistment in the Navy and then later as a police officer.   And, since the beginning, our mission has been to apply technology to the benefit of students who each day are forced to face unique social-economic challenges.  During the past 20-plus years, we have implemented a number of programs that have provided greater exposure for such students to science and technology.   We have witnessed the growth of an entire generation of students who have become sophisticated users of tech.   And, we are proud to have play a small role in that outcome.

Alas, we have also observed, for the students which we serve, that their teen years and middle school specifically can be a pernicious challenge for them.  Moreover, this is even true for previously high performing students.  Mental stress, anxiety and depression can conspire to derail any promising teen-aged student.  It is with this first-hand knowledge that we are transitioning to a new chapter and focus for the DBC Foundation.   

While we are short on details at the moment, please note that our new goal is to define and apply innovative technologies that can increase the resilience of at-risk teen-aged students.

We invite you to check back with us from time-to-time to see where we are in this new segment of our journey.

--Tony Clark, Chairman of the DBC Foundation