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Breana Rawls -- 2007 DBC Foundation Essay ChampionFounded during calendar year 2000, the Darrick Bernard Clark Educational Foundation is focused on improving community through learning. Our mission is to advance equity in education through technology and give every child the opportunity to learn to do more in education, community and career development.

The Foundation enables, recognizes and rewards both students and teachers who embrace technology in innovative and positive ways. We believe broad access to advanced technology among at-risk students is a necessary, but insufficient means to advancing equity in education. It is our goal to go beyond access and champion programs that emphasize expert utility and knowledge that will substantially drive academic excellence at every level.

Darrick Bernard Clark was passionate about serving his community. Our purpose is to keep that passion alive with educational programs in underserved communities. In honor of his memory, the Foundation is focusing its initial efforts on the schools that Darrick attended as a child in Philadelphia: William Dick Elementary, John F. McCloskey Elementary, and Morris E. Leeds.  Darrick also attended Germantown High School in Philadelphia.  The school was closed in 2014.

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